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Character Name: Prince Leopold I & Bismuth
Source Canon: Kingdom Rumble (Original)
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SO! Upon some reflection, I really did just app Flora for the purpose of being back in the game at all. I don't think she would actually be much fun to RP at length, nor does her mech gimmick do much for interesting mecha fights, and in general she doesn't add anything new or interesting to the game. I haven't gotten to first post and I'm already regretting it. Thus, I'm apping a character much more in my proper idiom of Weird High-Concept Mecha OCs as a replacement, who will hopefully be more interesting and entertaining and fun to run missions for.

My sincere apologies for wasting your time with the previous app. I truly do believe that this is the best option, both for my own happiness and my contribution to the quality of the RP.

Also, approximate character appearance:
Prince Leopold (Height 5'10", Weight 145 lbs, Age 22)
Bismuth (Height 7'1, Weight 340 lbs, Age ???)

The mighty Kingdom of Ruba! one of the smallest functional space colonies in the Earth Sphere. With a population in the double digits and a rapidly aging king, they were in dire need of expansion. To this end, as one of his last acts, the king set his five children out on a quest: Until a promised future date, venture forth into the Earth Sphere, gather connections, resources and anything else that could give Ruba an edge, and return home. Whoever is the greatest aid to Ruba will be named as the crown's successor.

Thusly does Prince Leopold, youngest of the five, set forth in his tiny but extravagant personal shuttle, to charm, persuade, lie, and sweet-talk his way to glory! But before he could get far with this plan, he had a bizarrely unlikely chance encounter. The mechanical alien lifeform Bismuth arrived in the Earth Sphere from a distant galaxy, with the intent of finding a new species and writing an anthropological study on them. Coming out of its wormhole right in front of Leopold's shuttle, he made first contact, and Bismuth asked Leo to take him to the leader of his people. Thinking quick on his feet, Leopold revealed to Bismuth that he was, in fact, the secret exiled rightful King of the Earth Sphere, on an undercover mission until he can recover his lost honor and reclaim the throne. Being kind of a gullible moron, Bismuth believed him immediately, and the two set out together in search of glory, politics, and anthropological insights.

Prince Leopold is a cheerful loser of a prince. Growing up with four older siblings, all competing for the same throne, somehow failed to crush his optimistic spirit, allowing him to always try and see the good in any situation. It doesn't even particularly stress him out that he's been sent on an aimless quest to prove his worthiness for the throne - by his logic, whoever, wins, Ruba will be reborn anew with its new wave of resources and connections. If he wins? Added bonus! He gets to be king.

Being thoroughly average when it comes to intelligence and physique, Leopold's point of strength is charisma. He's a charming conversationalist, an accomplished orator, and a quick-thinking liar. Seldom going for the brute force approach, he'd much rather his enemies willingly give him what he wants, either by manipulation or by honest trade. He sees every enemy as a potential friend, no matter how insane, hostile, or apparently immune to peaceful discussion they seem to be. It wouldn't quite be right to say that he approaches a negotiation like a game of chess - it's more like a game of calvinball, what with his penchant for zany convoluted schemes. Leopold is always prepared to pull a fast one on someone, to the point that he's almost always wearing a small fake beard just to make any disguises he affects that much more compelling by removing it later. His primary weakness in planning is that he tends to make things more complicated than they really have to be - especially if it gives him a chance to use a cunning disguise (the disguises as often as not involve elaborate cross-dressing - Leopold is a connoisseur of high fashion of all types, and is rather broad-minded).

Bismuth is a striking contrast to Leopold. Being from a race of proud warrior robots, he spends a lot of time thinking and talking about Honor, and Honor means Fighting Fair and Fighting Often. He's eager to fight, but not to kill - after all, a slain enemy is an enemy who can never be battled again. The point is the fight, not to kill someone at the end of it.

In addition to a warrior, though, Bismuth is a scientist! His specialty is the study of primitive indigenous races, a category into which he puts humanity. He interacts with the Earth Sphere in about the same way that Jane Goodall interacts with gorillas - with fascination, reverence, and more than a little condescension. He's not really as superior as he acts, though - in reality, Bismuth is extremely gullible, taking pretty much anything told to him at face value.

While they are clearly a wide variety of differences between Bismuth and Leopold, they still make a good team. Both are young, earnest, and eager to make the world a better place. They often come to the same conclusions from different directions - Leopold tries to avoid killing people because he prefers a pacifist solution, Bismuth tries to avoid killing people because his honor code encourages leaving his opponents alive so that they can get stronger and face him again another day. Together, they form an unlikely but capable friendship and team.

Capabilities and Resources: Fifth and youngest potential heir to the throne of Ruba. Also, has a lot of money, and has spent the better part of the last six months making connections around the Earth Sphere, which can show up or not by whatever's convenient for the plot.

Robot Name: Super Bismuth
Robot Description:
When Bismuth and another are of one heart and mind, they can fuse, via a complicated process that looks suspiciously like Bismuth eating the other person. Leopold is someone he gets along with well enough to combine, and the result of the process is that Bismuth transforms into the twenty-meter-tall Super Bismuth, which looks just like Bismuth, but larger.

Super Bismuth is a fighting super robot, but not one designed to kill people. Leopold prefers finding peaceful solutions to his problems, and Bismuth prefers leaving open the option of doing battle with honorable foes again at a later date. Its primary weapon is its fists, and it can also transform parts of its body into various tools, such as turning its hands into chains to whip out and grab remote targets. It can also transform its hands into Negaforce Rays, which fire a special kind of negative energy that counteracts regular energy. These can be used to negate incoming energy attacks, disable low-level mechs, or temporarily slow down a more powerful foe.

In addition to these basic armaments, Super Bismuth is not without its share of Super Attacks, which are extra draining and can only be performed when will is high enough Leopold and Bismuth's hearts are truly dedicated to battle. The first of this is the Super Bismuth Megaton Punch, an attack where one fist grows to enormous proportions, becoming as big as Super Bismuth itself, then delivers a devastating uppercut. Another is Super Bismuth Magneton Fist, an attack where both fists grow and then become powerful magnets, allowing them to draw in enemy mechs and capture or punch them. Last, and only available in the most dramatic of circumstances, is the Super Bismuth Negaforce Buster, a giant doom laser version of the Negaforce Ray capable of incapacitating multiple mechs at once.

For small-scale combat, Bismuth can fight in a similar fashion on his own on foot, although he can't fly (but can jump very well), is much smaller, and doesn't have access to his Super Attacks. While fused, Bismuth and Leopold can still both speak and think independently.

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: B
Sea: B
Space: A

Upgrades: To be determined.

Job: Prince

Suggested Event List: To be PM'd.

Sample Post:


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